This contract is made this ____day of ____________,201____,
by and between ________________________of ______________________ ,_________________,
hereinafter refered to as "BUYER",  and Katherine Derby Kruska, 1306 Witawanga Avenue,
Louisville, Kentucky 40222, dba DERBY POMERANIANS, hereinafter refered to
as "SELLER".
Whereas, BUYER wishes to purchase a pomeranian from SELLER, and has given a 25% non-
refundable deposit to SELLER for such pomeranian, and
SELLER, having been convinced of the suitablility of BUYER to provide a loving home for said pomeranian,
agrees to sell such pomeranian under the following terms and
BUYER agrees that the purpose of this dog shall be as a pet, brood, or stud dog, and shall not be
sold to a puppymill or pet shop, nor placed in rescue facility of any kind.
BUYER has 72 hours to have such pomeranian checked by a licensed veterenarian for existing
health issues, and any serious health issues  which would be cause for such
pomeranian to be returned to SELLER at BUYER'S expense, and SELLER will replace the
pomeranian with a pomeranian of similiar value and type (sex and
confirmation), when one becomes available. No cash refunds will be made. A signed  letter 
from a licensed veteranarian must be submitted prior to returning the dog. 
SELLER furthermore guarantees congential defects, including BSD, for a period of one year from
date of purchase,which shall be considered the date of this contract, for this purpose.
SELLER guarantees that a male pomeranian sold as a Show Prospect/stud will have both testicles
descended. There is no guarantee as to the ability of either a male or female to reproduce.
Because ablity to breed cannot be determined in a puppy, it is wise to puchase a proven dog/bitch,
unless the BUYER is willing to take this risk.
Whereas we are dealing with a live animal, this pomeranian is sold with no guarantees, expressed
or implied as to adult size,coat,bite or suitablity for breeding or any other conditions, unless stated above.
This contract emailed between BUYER and SELLER shall have the full force and effect of a signed
contract between the parties.